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Our Financial Planning Process

Our Financial Planning process helps our clients build a financial foundation which we believe, in turn, creates a ripple effect that can help improve the lives of those in our communities for generations to come.  

The planning process begins with a discussion focused on your goals, objectives, and concerns.  Next, we gather and review your financial information so we can understand your current financial picture.  We then work through our analysis and identify strategies to pursue your goals.  As we review your Financial Plan together, our interactive scenarios allow you to see the impact that different decisions or unexpected events can have on your overall plan as well as how our recommended strategies can help you move closer to your goals. 

Financial Planning is a process, not a one time event.  The development of your personalized plan is just the start - implementing that plan and adapting it to life's ever changing circumstances is a key component to pursuing your financial goals. 

Most importantly, our intention is to provide you with a clear and personalized roadmap to your financial goals.  Coupled with clear guidance and the dedicated support of a trusted advisor throughout your journey, the execution of your plan will help support you in realizing your dreams for years to come. 

LPL Financial, LLC. offers financial planning services in its capacity as a registered investment adviser. Consult your LPL financial advisor for a breakdown of the fees associated with these services. 
All investing involves risk and there is no assurance that any financial plan or strategy will be successful.