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The Cairn Way

Throughout history, global cultures have used cairns to inspire faith in the path ahead. Our deep and broad experience at
Cairn Wealth Advisors allows us to do the same through sound wealth advice and education for you, our clients … our family.

What can we learn from a cairn?

Be Solid and Flexible

A cairn’s steadiness results from its rock-solid formation. However, a cairn can always be dismantled and moved to another location. As transitions happen in life, remember to be like a cairn - strong but flexible.

Find Your Balance

Even though it looks to be defying gravity, a cairn’s almost mysterious formation allows it to remain aligned and steady. Like a cairn, find and maintain your balance in life and we believe you can then reach your goals.

Be Grounded

The elegant shape of the cairn stands secure and grounded on a stable base. Build your plan, with a solid foundation, and we believe you, too, can be well grounded as you move forward.

Stand Tall

Cairns can be assembled with rocks of many shapes and sizes. Short or tall, wide or thin, a cairn always rises to the sky. No matter where you are now, reach high and strive for all of your dreams.

Be Centered

The rocks of a cairn are stacked along the same central axis; it’s properly centered and therefore stays balanced. When life takes you off balance, come back to your strength at center.

Stay Aligned

A cairn stays upright when all of its stones are aligned. Like a cairn, we believe you can create stability in your life and move closer to your goals when your actions are aligned with your plan.

Light the Path

All over the world, cairns have shown the way for those who came after them. With proper planning, we believe you can light the path for generations to come.


Ever wonder what happens if a cairn falls? You simply rebuild it. Similarly, if life knocks you down, take a breath, and rebuild your plan from where you are.

Be Noticed

A cairn’s unique design makes it noticeable by all who see it. Like the cairn, be brave enough to make a mark that stands out on the landscape of life itself. Build your plan, enjoy your life, and be the inspiration for others to follow.

All investing involves risk and there is no assurance that any strategy will be successful.  (06/20)